Spring Is Here! Beautify Your Food and Drinks With Edible Flowers  While the idea of eating a flower may be unexpected, adding floral touches to food and drink offerings is a beautiful way to jazz up your normal routine. Here, we’ll explore edible flowers that you can add to your meals, snacks, and drinks to help you welcome spring into your home in a delightful way.  Borage Blossom These periwinkle blue delights are the perfect complement to any food or... Read More

Let’s Celebrate Mimosas in Honor of National

Let’s Celebrate Mimosas in Honor of National Mimosa Day Who doesn’t love a good mimosa? Whether you’re brunching with friends or just relaxing by the pool, it’s the perfect refresher any time of day. May 16 is National Mimosa Day. What better way to enjoy a mimosa than with the real citrus sparkle of Orangina! Where did mimosas come from? According to mimosa legend, it’s a derivative of Buck’s Fizz, which originated in 1921 at Buck’s Club in London with... Read More

Interested in Adding More Plants to Your Diet? Here’s How

A simple adjustment at mealtime can have a big impact on your health. By adding more fruits and vegetables to your plate – while reducing your meat and carbohydrate servings – you can gain amazing health benefits, such as: A lower body mass index A lower risk of becoming diabetic  A lower risk of having a stroke Improved heart health A reduced risk of developing certain types of cancer Improved mental health Improved physical function Simply put, you can’t go... Read More

Connecting With People Through Food and Drink

“There is something profoundly satisfying about sharing a meal. Eating together, breaking bread together, is one of the oldest and most fundamentally unifying of human experiences.”  – Internationally renowned author and speaker Barbara Coloroso Does eating together satisfy our soul enough to also offer health benefits? Let’s explore this long-standing tradition of gathering around the table to see why making time to eat with others is well worth the effort. Building Personal Relationships Our bodies and minds were built for... Read More

Improve Your Health by Getting Back to Nature

Improve Your Health by Getting Back to Nature There’s something invigorating about grass under your feet, fresh air in your lungs, and sunshine on your face that just feels great – and science is beginning to discover just how connecting with Mother Nature boosts your mood.  A growing field of scientific study called ecotherapy is dedicated to unearthing exactly how getting outside makes human beings feel invigorated. While any exercise is beneficial for the body, ecotherapy research has shown that... Read More

A Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day!) Celebration Sure to Win Some Hearts

A Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day!) Celebration Sure to Win Some Hearts Whether you’re in a relationship, single, and want to be or prefer the company of your dog, it’s likely that Valentine’s Day is going to look a little bit different in 2021 than it has in years past. Instead of letting the lack of a fancy dinner out get you down, Orangina is sharing ways to shake things up and celebrate love. Get Crafty Forget valentines from the... Read More

How Do You Find Ways to Shake Up the Everyday?

How Do You Find Ways to Shake Up the Everyday? Humans tend to be creatures of habit. Most people love routines. They wake up at the same time, make their favorite go-to meals, and take the same route to work each day. But while routines can be comforting and peaceful, don’t overlook the benefits of spontaneity for adding joy to your life.  Spontaneity Is Linked to Happiness People who describe themselves as spontaneous are more likely to say they are... Read More

The Wonders of Virtual Travel

The Wonders of Virtual Travel Hitting the road isn’t always possible. Due to budget constraints, responsibilities, and even pandemics, people are often stuck at home. But they can still enjoy the beauty of the world.  From Armchair to Virtual Traveling For generations, people who were homebound yet struck with wanderlust have indulged their passions by reading books about exotic places from the comfort of their cozy armchairs. More recently this “armchair travel” has shifted to the internet.  Digital technology has... Read More
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The Importance of Self-Care and Simple Ways to Enjoy Everyday Moments — Anytime of the Day

If we learned anything over the past year, it’s that we all want to take better care of ourselves and embrace the special moments. Whether it’s by working out or, if that’s just not working out, taking time to veg out and clear our minds, we’ve all been gifted some unexpected time to make some changes. Maybe you found a new hobby, unplugged a little more, or just took the time to stop and smell the roses – whatever helped... Read More
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Shake Up Your Menu in the New Year with Extra Sparkle and Citrus-Filled Flavor!

It’s no secret that the tastes and smells of the holiday season are welcomed warmly by those young and old. From the spicy aroma of cinnamon and gingerbread baking in the oven to the scent of freshly cut pine trees and wreaths, our senses are on overload this time of year; but why shouldn’t those sensations carry on into the new year? As we welcome in the new year and our schedules begin to fill with more ordinary routines, keep... Read More
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Go Back to School With Orangina

Consumers of all ages love carbonated drinks. That’s been true for centuries, since the introduction of sparkling water all the way back in the 1700s, but modern consumers have far more options at their disposal. That doesn’t mean they’re all created equal, though. Most of today’s carbonated beverages are filled with high fructose corn syrup and other additives. They may taste alright, but they don’t have the kind of refined flavor associated with natural drinks. Students looking for a delicious,... Read More
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Enjoy The Summertime With Orangina

There is no question that recently, the old has become new once again. There are countless brands banking on the appeal of nostalgia to help engage and to attract the younger demographic. In fact, virtually all categories and industries have seen some level of this rebirth during the so called throwback wave. For example, Dunkaroos the popular cookie and icing snack has come back, reinvented, along with the return of sports brands like Champion. This is now the case with... Read More
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The Rich History of Orangina

Orangina is an iconic name when it comes to sparkling beverages, but few consumers know its fascinating history. It’s beloved by all who enjoy juice-based carbonated beverages, and with good reason; Orangina is delicious. Read on to find out about the history of this popular Sparkling Citrus Drink to discover how it came to be a household staple for millions across the globe. Humble Beginnings Orangina was originally developed by a Spanish pharmacist named Dr. Trigo and was presented under... Read More