The Wonders of Virtual Travel

The Wonders of Virtual Travel

Hitting the road isn’t always possible. Due to budget constraints, responsibilities, and even pandemics, people are often stuck at home. But they can still enjoy the beauty of the world. 

From Armchair to Virtual Traveling

For generations, people who were homebound yet struck with wanderlust have indulged their passions by reading books about exotic places from the comfort of their cozy armchairs. More recently this “armchair travel” has shifted to the internet. 

Digital technology has made it possible for anyone to hit the open road virtually. You can explore the world through YouTube videos, read blogs from other travelers, or enjoy an interactive experience with Google Maps. 

Why Do People Love to Travel?

Some people love to sit in a cafe, people-watching in a foreign country. Others prefer more action with skydiving, white water rafting, or parasailing. Still others like to set up service trips to organic farms or schools in developing nations. The common factor: adventure. 

Today, most people live in a single place, moving only a few times during their life. But the roots of our love for travel go back to the very beginning of the human species. For most of human history, people lived nomadically to find the plants and animals they needed to survive. Beyond survival, traveling came with a lot of ritualistic practices. 

Eventually, about 10,000 years ago, humans started farming. Over time, they formed communities or city-states where people played diverse social roles. However, these farmers and city dwellers never lost their urge to travel. 

How to Tour the World Virtually

If you’re looking for a virtual tour, take a hot air balloon ride through the Netherlands in 360 virtual reality, or try paragliding through the Himalayas. For more adventures, check out this YouTube channel for virtual reality tours of all kinds of cool places around the globe. Unlike traditional videos, these 360-degree VR videos let you look all around you for an immersive experience as if you were there.

Regardless of where you’re heading, your virtual journey will be better with a bottle of Orangina in your hand. Whether you’re touring the world from your backyard, your living room, or the comfort of your bed, make yourself a cocktail or mocktail to enjoy the occasion, or simply shake, pop the top, and enjoy Orangina straight from the bottle.