Spring Is Here! Beautify Your Food and Drinks

With Edible Flowers 

While the idea of eating a flower may be unexpected, adding floral touches to food and drink offerings is a beautiful way to jazz up your normal routine. Here, we’ll explore edible flowers that you can add to your meals, snacks, and drinks to help you welcome spring into your home in a delightful way. 

Borage Blossom

These periwinkle blue delights are the perfect complement to any food or drink offering, as its light cucumber taste can support both sweet and savory tastes. 


Marigolds aren’t just for Easter anymore — this edible flower has a light citrus taste and is a great complement to desserts and drinks. Feel free to top your favorite dessert or beverage with a whole marigold, or sprinkle the petals on top of a cake or cookie for a fun burst of color and flavor. 


These white and yellow beauties are perfect for a garnish with a cup of tea or as a part of a side salad (dressed with Orangina vinaigrette, obviously). 


This stunning violet flower isn’t just for helping you fall asleep. It makes a great addition to any cocktail or dessert. Lavender is slightly sweet, with hints of citrus, and can be the perfect complement to many fresh spring dishes. 


That’s right — rose petals are edible, and come in an endless variety of colors. Freeze rose petals into ice cubes or sprinkle on top of elegant desserts to add a light, sweet, fruity flavor and a burst of spring freshness. 

Don’t Forget to Add Floral Pizzaz to Your Favorite Bubbly Citrus Treat

Check out these other Orangina recipes, and add your own twist with a purple or pink flower that beautifully complements your favorite Orangina Sparkling Citrus Beverage. When you’re finished with the iconic bottle, rinse it out and use it to hold fresh flowers for a centerpiece that includes a gorgeous burst of spring.