1 Filet of Branzino

1 Fennel

6 Fennel Fronds

1 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Orange zest


1 Tbsp Orangina

1 Tbsp Neutral Oil

Flakey Sea Salt


How to make the Fennel:

Using a sharp knife or a mandolin, shave the fennel paper thin. Pick some of the fronds from the top of the bulb of fennel. Set aside. In a mixing bowl all the shaved fennel, extra virgin olive oil, Orangina, salt, fennel fronds and lemon zest. Let marinate for 5/10 mins while the fish is cooked.

How to make the Branzino:

Heat a sauté pan. Add 1 tablespoon of neutral oil. Wait till the oil is hot and you can see it rippling. Season Branzino with salt on both sides. Place fish, skin side down in the sauté pan, gently hold the fish flat with a spatula making sure all the skin is making contact with the pan. Cook for about 4/5 minutes. Flip the Branzino in the pan and cook on the flesh side for 1/2 minutes. Remove from pan and place on a plate. Garnish the Branzino with the marinated fennel and drizzle some of the marinade on the fish in place of a sauce. Add fresh lemon zest and flat sea salt.