How Do You Find Ways to Shake Up the Everyday?

How Do You Find Ways to Shake Up the Everyday?

Humans tend to be creatures of habit. Most people love routines. They wake up at the same time, make their favorite go-to meals, and take the same route to work each day. But while routines can be comforting and peaceful, don’t overlook the benefits of spontaneity for adding joy to your life. 

Spontaneity Is Linked to Happiness

People who describe themselves as spontaneous are more likely to say they are happy than the average person. Even people who don’t think of themselves as spontaneous report that they feel happier after making a spontaneous decision. 

These decisions can come in a lot of different forms. Sometimes, you may just throw out the familiar and chart a different course for the day. Other times, you may make a small spontaneous decision, such as grabbing a new drink or trying a different shampoo. Still, in other cases, you may spontaneously decide to pack up your life and move to the other side of the planet. Regardless of the size of these decisions, spontaneity sparks joy in your life. 

How Do You Become More Spontaneous?

If you want to spark a little joy, where should you start? Here’s the good news — you can add spontaneity to your life in all kinds of ways. Try these ideas:

  • Create a life that is open to spontaneity. Don’t be so committed to a schedule that you can never shake things up. Try to have extra time for flexibility in your day. 
  • Look at the world with a child’s eyes. When you see new things that spark joy, don’t just walk past them and return to your familiar routine. Instead, stop and smell these new flowers.
  • Don’t wait until the “perfect” time. Instead, hit the dance floor as soon as the song starts playing. 
  • Shake up your routine in small ways. Put new foods in your grocery cart, try new restaurants, take a different jogging path, or read a book that’s not in your usual genre. 
  • Ask your friends for ideas. Let your friends know you want to be more spontaneous and ask them to include you in some of their fun adventures. 

Benefits of Spontaneity

Now that you have ideas on how to be more spontaneous, you may be wondering why you should go to all the trouble. After all, your routine is probably quite comfortable. Well, in addition to injecting excitement into your life, spontaneity has a variety of other advantages, including the following:

  • Enhanced adaptability and more resiliency to change 
  • The ability to connect with people more quickly, which can benefit you in social and professional settings
  • Increased confidence
  • More creativity
  • An active brain that notices more, rather than being on autopilot

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