Enjoy The Summertime With Orangina

The Gin Gina

There is no question that recently, the old has become new once again. There are countless brands banking on the appeal of nostalgia to help engage and to attract the younger demographic. In fact, virtually all categories and industries have seen some level of this rebirth during the so called throwback wave.

For example, Dunkaroos the popular cookie and icing snack has come back, reinvented, along with the return of sports brands like Champion. This is now the case with the sparkling drink, Orangina.

Where It Came From

Orangina was created as a European drink, developed in France. Today, it is a global brand distributed in over 60 countries. There is no question that this all-natural drink has a pretty impressive past, with more than 75 years of great flavors and amazing fizz.

The brand, along with the easily recognizable orange textured and bulby shaped bottle, has developed a global presence since World War II when the French consumer boom took place. This occurred between the years of 1950 and 1960.

For the many French consumers of the period, this period of time was known for the redolent of clichés that resulted because of the improved times after the hardships of war – the summer holidays – which is the perfect time to enjoy this drink – were also being portrayed in the growing film industry.

The Growth of a Successful Business

When it comes to Orangina, this period was also the time where this brand’s story of success was written. The drink itself was created on the Mediterranean’s southern banks, in the pre-independence region of Algeria.

Leon Benton created this drink in 1936 that was developed by a pharmacist out of Valencia, Spain. The drink was created by missing together, sugar, essential oils, and a blend of orange, lemon and grapefruit juice concentrate. It also was able to shake the pulp, which was in most orange drinks available at the time.

Originally, similar to Coca-Cola which was developed more than a century before in America, this drink was designed for medicinal purposes. However, the outbreak of World War II stopped this in its tracks. When peace was finally restored, Jean Claude, Benton’s son, took the business over.

Jean Claude’s company, which was called Noranjina North Africa, began to produce the concentrate and the advertising partners of the brand were left to handle everything else. Right away, Benton was looking to sun and leisure for inspiration – which is why this is the perfect summertime drink.

The bottle was round, which was something that was quite frustrating to the bottlers. It also featured a rougher texture of the oranges. At this point, the young entrepreneur insisted on his vision and many who worked with him at the time called him charming and authoritarian.

The posters used for advertising this new drink included an array of beach umbrellas and bright slices of oranges all on a background of deep, pure blue. Algerian’s French population, prior to gaining independence, enjoyed this flavor, along with the messaging and sparkle it offered. When the war of independence in the region took hold, the brand was finally taken across the Mediterranean and was picked up and embraced by the growing youth culture in France.

To help boost the popularity of the drink even further, Benton opted to hire students to drink the easy-to-spot drink at various café tables. Also, soldiers who were returning from the war offered another marketing opportunity.

By 1957, 50 million bottles had been sold and in 1975, this number was ten times higher.

The Continued Popularity of Orangina

As anyone can see, Orangina has a rich and exciting history. It is a drink that has crossed seas and oceans and made it to the far reaches of the world. It is now considered the “perfect” summertime drink.


The answer is simple. It is all-natural, delicious, and fizzy. When served cold, it is refreshing without being too heavy. It is also has a light and delicious flavor of citrus, without being bland or boring. However, no one will truly understand what this drink has to offer or why it is so popular today unless they try it for themselves. Now is the time to find this unique looking bottle, give it a shake, pop it open, and enjoy a summertime refresher.

Remember, not all drinks that claim to be all natural really are. This is why it is such a good idea to try Orangina. This drink is delicious and provides all the refreshment quality that modern people are searching for. Learn more about it by trying it today.